Shaikh Holdings is a private holding company
with entrepreneurial roots in the Middle East dating back to 1913

Over the years, Shaikh Holdings has diversified its business activities, with core interests in real estate investment and development, hospitality, retail and trading. Expansion into real estate investments and development has driven the company to look at both regional and international markets. Its vertically integrated real estate arm specializes in the acquisition, development, marketing, sale and leasing of exclusive properties worldwide.

The company holds a significant portfolio of residential, commercial and hospitality real estate, and has been a leading institutional investor since 2002. Shaikh Holdings’ real estate development activities are focused on providing quality lifelong experiences, and involve building lifestyle communities that feature waterfront and golfing elements around the world.


Shaikh Holdings’ corporate philosophy is guided by the principles of innovation and excellence through our entire sphere of activity.

We focus on quality life experiences, aiming to enhance the lives of people, through our business and development projects.

We continually aspire to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and expertise. When specific expertise is necessary for a project, we build strategic partnerships and establish joint ventures to facilitate the realization of these goals. We always maintain an uncompromising commitment to world-class service for our clients. We work to create, develop and maintain long-standing relationships with our clients, providing a personalized business experience for them. We are committed to constant self-improvement, education and creative problem-solving, with a focus on providing improved projects and services in the future.


Our people are our greatest asset. Our people’s dedication, seamless team work and creative determination are what make our projects a success.

Our commitment to constant self improvement, evaluation and ongoing education ensures that our people are always learning and adapting in response to market dynamics and demand.

Our people employ a ‘think-outside-the-box’ approach to problem-solving, providing innovative solutions for project implementation. We also encourage across-the-board cooperation between our companies which allows easier flow of Information, greater efficiency and a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving and project implementation.